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Compensation Fund reaps rewards of modernisation of filing and claims processes

Media Release: Department of Employment and Labour: 15 October 2019


Faster turnaround time for registration of companies at the Fund, efficiency of submission of Return of Earnings as well as improved reconciliation of payments are some of the benefits the Compensation Fund’s (CF) CF- filing modernisation journey has produced.


This was said at the CF Commissioner’s breakfast network session with the Eastern Cape Black Business Forum in East London on Tuesday.


Thando Headbush, CF’s Chief Financial Officer, said among the challenges the fund faced over the years were registration of employers, which took up to 90 days as well as incorrect reference numbers being used then leading to misallocation of funds in the payments of assessments.


Other challenges with previous and current claims system include:

  • Lack of automated verification and validation of information;

  • There is lack of automation of business processes;

  • Challenges with the switching of batches,

  • Manual generation of reports;

  • Lack of Integration of systems (Claims and payment system);

  • Data Migration from the legacy systems;

  • Segregation of duties; and

  • Lack of Document Management System.


However, through the e-COID project the fund has realised improved validation of user information – faster turnaround time for registration of companies at the fund as well as efficiency of submission of Return of Earnings, Mafata said


Headbush said other significant benefits of the new claims system were:

  • Faster turnaround due to efficient, streamlined processes;

  • Correct workflows – the right process going to the right person at the right time;

  • Open communication – status updates on the progress of your claims;

  • Timeous payments to all stakeholders;

  • A single source of the truth – data migration from legacy systems; and

  • Correct data - data cleansing and enrichment.


Jan Madiega, Deputy Director for COID Registration, said less than 50 percent of employers submitted their Return of Earning. “We are here to support employers in terms of compliance” he said.


The Fund’s next session is to be held in Port Elizabeth with the South African Women in Construction as follows:


Date: 2 November 2019

Venue: The Beach Hotel, Port Elizabeth

Time: 08:00 – 10:00


For enquiries contact:

Franco Mabuya








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