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New Electronic COID Management System (eCOID)

by Tinus Boshoff; SA Labour Guide 


Since Sept 2014, the Compensation Fund has used an electronic claims management system called the Umehluko system.


The fund is currently in a process of rolling out a new online claims system. The fund will be launching the new system on the 1st of October 2019.


Please note that as from the 12th of September 2019, the current Umehluko system will be unavailable to all users.


Please note that the Fund has developed a new USER REGISTRATION PROCESS. This was done to ensure that the Compensation Fund successfully transit to the new system. All users would need to be registered in order to access the new online platform.


a) What happens between the 12th to the 30th of September 2019?


i) Registration of claims and claim related enquiries


From the 12th of September to the to the 30th of September 2019, the Compensation Fund will be manually processing claims. For submission of claims and claim related enquiries during this period the fund requested employers to send an email to

ii) Pre-registration before the new system goes live


In order to pre-register as a user for the new system, download the approval document detailing the required documentation. 


Link to downloads:


After completion of the required documentation, it must be emailed to by the 25th of Sept 2019.


The abovementioned documentation could alternatively be submitted to your nearest Labour Centre.


b) What happens on and after the 1st of October 2019?


i) The fund will be launching the new system on the 1st of October 2019.


ii) All users who did not pre-register would be able to register on the new system. System access would require vetting of the supplied information before access would be granted to the user.


I trust that the above-mentioned information would be helpful. 


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