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Department of Labour puts danger posed by Hazardous Biological Agents (HBA) on the spotlight


While the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act places an obligation on employers to maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, working environments that are safe and without risks to the health of their employees – failure to adhere to this may result in devastating economic and human costs.


Thus in the pursuing the “Road To Zero” campaign - that of ensuring working environments free of casualties - the Department of Labour is putting a spotlight on the health sector by hosting a Hazardous Biological Agents (HBA) Seminar to promote Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) in the sector.


Adherence to OHS legislation in South Africa still poses a challenge. This is regularly revealed by statistics as captured by the Department of Labour’s entity, the Compensation Fund (CF) which shows a dramatic rise in number of claims paid to service providers due to occupational injuries and diseases. 


The two-day Seminar under the theme: “Improving OHS in the Health Sector” -  will be held on 11-12 November 2015. It will be preceded by a day-long training session of Shop stewards focusing on OHS Act and its Regulations; applications of HBA Regulations in the Health Care Sector; management of chemicals in the Health Care Sector; and other related aspects of HBA.


Department of Labour Deputy Director-General of Inspection and Enforcement Services, Aggy Moiloa is expected to deliver a keynote address. She will share the podium with Department of Labour Chief Inspector, Tibor Szana; and Department of Labour officials from various OHS sub-branches, the Department of Health and stakeholders in the Health Sector.


Key topics of discussions will focus on: OHS inspection feedback; health risk assessment; medical surveillance and biological monitoring; TB and HIV in the health care sector; waste management in public Hospitals; management and rehabilitation of injured and diseased employees in the health sector; engineering control measures to micro-organisms; ergonomics case studies for radiographers.


Media Statement: Department of Labour: 06 November 2015




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