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The Department of Labour host workshop to launch the Driven Machinery Regulations.

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The Department of labour’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Directorate will be launching the new Driven Machinery Regulations (DMR) tomorrow (August 27).


The aim of the workshop is to ensure that stakeholders know about the changes made on the new Regulations, and ensures compliance with Driven Machinery laws.


The workshop is targeted at Employers/Owners as well as entities that are tasked with inspection and testing of driven machinery at various workplaces.


Key stakeholders in the Occupational Health Safety (OHS) Environment, Engineering Sector and from Lifting Equipment Industry, parastatals such as Transnet, Eskom etc. as well as other Regulators such as Railway Safety Regulators including associations involved in the industry are expected to attend the workshop. Managers responsible for Occupational Health and Safety from different companies have been invited to the workshop. Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as well as Committee members involved in the registration of Lifting Machinery Inspectors, a specialized category of professional will also attend the workshop.


There have been significant changes to the Driven Machinery Regulation in that the National Code of Practice for training providers of lifting machinery operators has been formally incorporated into the new Driven Machinery Regulations.


Goods Hoists will in future no longer be regulated by Driven Machinery but will be administered by the lifting, Escalators and Passenger Conveyor Regulations.


A total of 11 Nation standards have been Incorporated into the new Driven Machinery regulations and this will ensure that inspection and testing of various lifting machinery is standardized. Approval of entities responsible for the inspection and testing of lifting Machinery has been formalized onto the new Driven Machinery Regulations.


The department of labour’s OHS chief inspector Tibor Szana will deliver the opening address.


The workshop is scheduled to take place at Pretoria labour center, Concillium building which is situated at corner Nana Sita and Thabo Sehume.


The workshop is expected to start at 10:00 – 13.00.


The media is invited to attend


Issued by: Mokgadi Pela

Acting Departmental Spokesperson

Issued by Department of Labour

27 August 2015



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