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Temporary closure of Soshanguve Labour Centre


The Department of Labour regrets to inform its valued clients that the Soshanguve Labour Centre, situated at 2197 Block F Neat and Fast Building, will be temporarily closed due to renovations starting 16/05/2015 until 29/05/15.


Minimal service like collecting of signing documents, collection of application forms for first time applicants and Inspectors will continue with their appointments with employers.


Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act it is a requirement that a safety workplace inspection be conducted on a monthly basis. A thorough and diligent workplace safety audit or inspection was conducted and we found out that the office has a roof leakage after heavy rains which caused a serious damage to the ceiling.


The ceiling became a Health and Safety peril as it was going to fall on our clients and officials. A contractor was appointed to conduct an inspection and concur that the ceiling need an urgent attention before falling on Clients and officials hence the decision to close down the labour Centre. Our objective is to ensure that 100% compliance of the Act and regulations is achieved and maintained in relation to health and safety.


We encourage our clients to go to our nearest Labour Centres such as Pretoria, Garankuwa and Temba Labour Centres.


During the renovation period, we apologize for any inconvenience and offer our sincere thanks for your patience and support. If you have any concerns, please email us at


Issued by: Mishack Magakwe

Provincial Communication Officer

082 908 1828


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