The OHS Act and the Responsibilities of Management course

(Legal Liability)





24 February 2022 (08:30 – 16:00) Interactive Online Course

Course Content


Module 1: Legislation and Safety Management in South Africa 

  • Legislative History / health and safety legislation in South Africa

  • Civil and criminal liabilities


Module 2: Health and safety legislation relating to COVID-19 

  • Safety management and the organisation

  • Principles of safety management


Module 3: Overview of the OHS Act 

  • Overview of the OHS Act (The aim and scope; sections & regulations).

  • Significant terms and definitions


Module 4: The Legal Responsibilities of Interested and Affected Parties 

  • Legal structure and responsibilities

  • The role of the CEO and the general duties of management

  • Health and safety policy

  • The general responsibilities of employers towards employees

  • Workplace Preparedness: COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-19 virus)

  • Information, communication; training and supervision - including supervision of machinery

  • Competent person

  • The general responsibilities of employers towards other persons

  • Responsibilities of employees

  • Acts or omissions by employees (Including the principle of vicarious liability)

  • Responsibilities of contractors (Contractor’s agreement; letter of good standing)

  • The safety practitioner or safety co-coordinator

  • Legal responsibilities of manufacturers, designers, importers, sellers or suppliers regarding the use of articles and substances at work


Module 5: Good Organisational Governance; Management Commitment; She Excellence and Control 

  • Good organisational governance

  • Achieving SHE Excellence

  • Management commitment

  • Creating a safety culture

  • Monitoring by management

  • Common areas of control


Module 6: Applicable SHE Legislation 

  • Health and safety representatives and committees

  • Record keeping

  • Reporting to the Chief Inspector regarding reportable injuries and diseases

  • Investigation of incidents

  • Certain deductions prohibited/ personal safety equipment and facilities

  • Exemptions

  • Health and safety agreements

  • Offences and penalties


Module 7: Risk Assessments, Systems or Program Approach 

  • Safety Risk Assessment (Baseline -; Issues Based – and Continuous Risk Assessments)

  • The systems or program approach

  • Design and implementation of an effective health and safety system


This course is aligned to Unit Standard: 

US 120344 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation


Purpose of the Course: 

Learners found competent in this unit standard will be able to explain the basic

principles of relevant current health and safety legislation and the consequences of non- compliance.


The qualifying learner is capable of: 

  • Explaining the basic principles of the Act and accompanying Regulations.

  • Explaining the requirements for minimum compliance stipulated in the Act.

  • Interpreting the management controls required to achieve compliance.

  • Explaining the obligations of managers in terms of communication and training.


The programme will be useful for managers at all levels including: 

  • The CEO-Section 16(1) or Managing Director,

  • Section 16(2) appointees/ Directors,

  • Engineers,

  • Middle Management and line Management,

  • Supervisors,

  • GMR 2(1) appointees,

  • GMR 2(7) appointees,

  • Safety and security officers,

  • Compliance officers,

  • Union Representatives and

  • Learners in commercial and industrial insurance



  • R 2440 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates.


For further information contact:

Deidre at telephone: (012) 666 8284/ 083 556 9407

Fax: (086) 547 2636 

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