Health and Safety








  1. Purpose                                                                                                           
  2. Project Description                                                                                                 
  3. Project Duration                                                                              
  4. References and Guidelines                                                         
  5. Health & Safety Policy       
  6. Mission Statement
  7. Project Objectives
  8. Objective
  9. Targets
  10. Restrictions                                                                                                  
  11. Responsibilities
  12. Site Manager                                                                                                           
  13. 13. Communications                                                                            
  14. Progress Meetings                                                                          
  15. Toolbox Talks                                                                                  
  16. Publicity                                                                                            
  17. Site Rules                                                                                        
  18. Site Access                                                                                                              
  19. Training
  20. Personal Protective Equipment                                                   
  21. Housekeeping                                                                                             
  22. First Aid
  23. Fire Prevention                                                                               
  24. Monitoring Safety                                                                           
  25. Incident and Accident Reporting                                                 
  26. Incident Investigation and Reporting                                                                  
  27. Registers
  28. Health and Safety File


HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN                                    


1) Purpose


The purpose of this document is to establish a plan for implementing the Company's safety program during construction at:


CONSTRUCTION OF …………………………………………………………………..


The plan is intended to minimize loss, meet regulatory compliance requirements and implement site safety regulations established by:


………………………………………………………………………. CONSTRUCTION


2) Project Description


CONSTRUCTION OF ………………………………………………………………..


3) Project Duration


Project duration: ………….. (….) months, with practical completion scheduled for: ……………..2010


4) References and Guidelines


Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993 - Construction Regulations 2003 and Client Health and Safety specifications.


5) Health and Safety Policy


…………………………………………….. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all personnel, and visitors to the site. We will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the health and safety system through the setting and measurement of health and safety objectives and by conforming to current, applicable occupational health and safety legislation.


6) Mission Statement

  • All employees working on this project are important.
  • They are important to the Company and their families.
  • Every individual has the right to a safe and healthy working place and the right to return from work every day safe and without injury.
  • This is the common goal in which we are committed and believe that it can only be achieved by dedication and joint efforts by all involved. 
  • As an employer, we undertake to provide a safe working environment and appropriate tools. We also acknowledge that safety takes precedence over program and cost. The consequence of injuries is a financial loss to both the individual and to the project.
  • All employees to undertake to act and work in a safe manner at all times.
  • As an individual everyone has the right and obligation to stop and correct an unsafe act or situation.


7) Project Objectives


To achieve the above statement the following objectives have been identified for the project.


8) Objective


Protect the health and well being of personnel during worksite activities and ensure that safety is the prime consideration during the project execution.


9) Targets    


Achieve zero fatalities, zero lost time injuries, zero restricted work and medical treatment, injury cases, and zero total reportable injury frequency.


10) Restrictions     


Employees will only be allowed to work within the boundaries of the site area.


11) Responsibilities


An organization chart detailing the management structure for the project shall be compiled and displayed in the site office. The organisation chart may be updated as the project progress. Site appointments detailing specific responsibilities as required meeting regulatory compliance shall be completed and maintained, within the Health and Safety Management System.


12) The Site Manager


  • Has the overall responsibility for all occupational health and safety activities on the site.
  • Has the authority to stop any subordinate from working on site in an unsafe manner.


13) Communication


The entire workforce will be encouraged to communicate directly to any supervisor regarding any hazard they have seen, or to make suggestions that will enhance safety. Any such contribution will be raised during the safety co-ordination meetings or earlier if appropriate. The result of these meetings will be communicated back to the work force through their safety representatives.


14) Progress meetings


Progress meetings will be held with the Client. During these meetings health and safety issues relating to the site operations will be discussed and when required, suitable actions identified and taken.


15) Toolbox talks


Toolbox talks will be held by supervisory staff on a weekly basis with employees and will address the application of health and safety rules and procedures to the hazards of current work.


16) Publicity


Posters and /or notices shall be posted at key locations around the site to maintain safety awareness.


17) Site Rules


The following rules will apply on site:

  • All personnel shall attend induction conducted by the Site Manager or a designated deputy.
  • The site is designated a "Hard Hat" area and personnel will wear hard hats on and around the site.
  • All personnel shall wear or use the applicable items of personal protective equipment required by the site rules and as identified within risk assessments.
  • No smoking in areas identified by symbolic 'No Smoking' signs.


18) Site Access


Access to the site shall be via working hours:          


Mon – Fri: 07h00 – 17h00                                          

Sat:           07h00 – 13h00

Sun:           Nil


Working on site outside these hours is prohibited unless arrangements have been made with the Site Manager for competent supervision and the correct equipment will be on site.


19) Training


  • All employees, management personnel and visitors shall undergo induction training carried out by the Site Manager or a designated deputy before going onto site for the first time.
  • All inductions shall be recorded and maintained on site for the duration of the project.


20) Personal Protective Equipment


The site has been designated as "Hard Hat" site for as long as there is a risk of head injury. The Site Manager or Site Agent is responsible for assessing this risk. Other personal protective equipment, as identified in the applicable risk assessments and method statements, shall be worn.


21) Housekeeping


An area dedicated for rubbish dumping will be established. Storage areas will be established and identified on the site layout plan. Storage of all materials will be confined to these areas. Rubbish bins will be provided at the site office and will be emptied on an ongoing basis.



22) First Aid


A first aid box will be provided and allocated to a trained, certified first aider. Every injury occurring on site will be treated and reported. Should an injury require professional medical treatment, the supervisor in charge will complete an appropriate accident report.


23) Fire Prevention


All operations conducted on site shall be conducted in a manner to prevent the risk of fire. Flammable materials shall be stored in a suitable location and adequate firefighting equipment installed in suitable locations around the store. Smoking and open flames are not permitted in any areas, which contain flammable materials, or any 'No Smoking' area indicated by no smoking signs.


24) Monitoring Safety


The Site Manager, and supervisory staff will monitor safety in the locations visited throughout the course of the day, and should any area be identified as needing attention, ensure that the necessary actions are taken.


25) Incident and Accident Reporting


Reporting to Government Authorities:


…………………………………………… shall keep records of all injuries at work and will ensure prompt notification of any reportable injury to the appropriate authority as per section 24 and 25 of the OHS Act. 


26) Incident Investigation and Reporting


…………………………………………… shall ensure that all accidents and incidents are reported to the client and investigated in accordance with the requirements of General Administrative Regulation 9.


27) Registers


All required registers will be maintained and kept up to date as required by legislation.


28) Health and Safety File


A Health & Safety File shall be maintained on site by ……………………………………… . At the end of the contract, the Site Manager shall review the consolidated Health and Safety File to ensure the completeness and hand the file to the client


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