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Occupational Health and Safety Act:


Asbestos Regulations:


Certificate of Competency Regulations:


Construction Regulations:


Diving Regulations:


Driven Machinery Regulations:


Electrical Installation Regulations:


Electrical Machinery Regulations:


Environmental Regulations for Workplaces:


Explosives Regulations:


Facilities Regulations:


General Administrative Regulations:


General Machinery Regulations:


General Safety Regulations:


Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations:


Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations:


Lead Regulations:


Lift, Escalator & Passenger Conveyor Regulations:


Major Hazard Installation Regulations:


Noise-induced Hearing Loss Regulations:


Pressure Equipment Regulations:


Regulations of Hazardous Work by Children in SA:


Ergonomics Regulations:


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The OHS Act and the Responsibilities of Management

03 December 2020 (08:30 – 16:00)

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