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(Including the latest DEL Amended Directive - Consolidated Direction on Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Certain Workplaces – 11 June 2021)


Interactive Online Course (2 X 4½ Hour Sessions)


Course is presented over a two-day period (From 08:30 to 13:00 on both days)



22 & 23 July 2021 (08:30 - 13:00) Inter active Online Course



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Course Content

By attending this course delegates will earn 5 CPD points from SAIOSH


Module 1: Background and scope of guidance

  • Introduction, background and information


Module 2: Health and safety legislation pertaining to COVID-19

  • South Africa’s risk adjusted strategy for economic activity related prescriptions

  • Legislation pertaining to COVID-19

  • Notices, statues and directives pertaining to COVID-19 (DEL, DOH, Compensation Fund)


Module 3: COVID-19 employer, employee and third-party obligations

  • Relationship between COVID and the Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Employer’s obligations towards employees and third parties

  • The appointment of COVID-19 compliance officers

  • COVID responsibilities of employees

  • COVID-19 classification, monitoring exposure at workplace, medical surveillance (HBAR)


Module 4: Management of vulnerable employees

  • Dealing with vulnerable employees

  • Return to work of vulnerable employees


Module 5: Guidelines for mandatory vaccination policies for the workplace

  • COVID-19 vaccination

  • COVID-19 risk assessments and vaccination

  • Guidelines if an employer makes vaccination mandatory

  • Required support to assist employees

  • When can a worker refuse vaccination?

  • The nature of the vaccines used in South Africa

  • The benefits associated with these COVID-19 vaccines

  • The contra-indications for vaccination and the nature of risk of any serious side effects such as severe allergic reactions


Module 6: COVID-19 workplace risk assessment and plans for protective measures

  • How to undertake a risk assessment and applicable sectoral guidelines.

  • Identification of vulnerable employees, workplace accommodation and return to work

  • Selecting a suitable risk assessment methodology (example provided to delegates)

  • Identifying and classifying employees risk exposure and applying the prescribed control measures

  • Practical explanation of the steps that needs to be followed during the assessment process

  • Prescribed consultation process

  • COVID-19 workplace plans for protective measures


Module 7: Prescribed COVID measures for workplaces

  • Application, prescribed administrative measures, social distancing measures, symptom screening prescriptions, provision and use of sanitizers, disinfectants and washing of hands

  • Prescriptions relating to the provision and use of cloth masks

  • Prescriptions relating to ventilation and specific PPE

  • Measures for small businesses


Module 8: Management of COVID-19 cases in the workplace

  • Symptom monitoring and management

  • Identifying high risk and low risk COVID exposures at work

  • Isolation and quarantine leave

  • Quarantine at home guidelines for employees

  • Submission of COVID-19 related health data from workplaces


Module 9: Environmental cleaning, disinfection and decontamination of the workplace               

  • Timeframe that the virus remains on surfaces

  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting of the workplace

  • Closure of the workplace for decontamination purposes

  • Prescribed decontamination and deep cleaning procedures for possible infected work areas

  • The use of hazardous chemical substances


Module 10: Steps to be taken when a person presents with COVID-19 symptoms (symptomatic persons)

  • Discussion includes isolation facilities, prescribed isolation and transportation procedures


Module 11: Assessment of the risk of transmission to persons and surfaces

  • How to assess the risk of transmission to persons and surfaces

  • Disinfection/ decontamination of the workspace

  • Cleaning company transport vehicles after transporting a PUI or confirmed COVID-19 infection


 Module 12: Contact tracing and reporting to the relevant authorities

  • Contact tracing in the workplace (purpose, objectives and elements)

  • Contract identification, history details of contacts and contact listing

  • Reporting duties with confirmation of a positive person

  • Contact follow-up and the commencing of contact tracing

  • Screening of workers who may be at risk

  • Monitoring of close contacts of known COVID 19 cases


Module 13: Processing of COVID-19 Claims

  • Aim and objective of the COIDA

  • Compensation Fund and licences

  • Protection of employers against claims from employees and dependants

  • Categories of persons are entitled to compensation

  • Employer, employees and dependants

  • Criteria, diagnosis impairment for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

  • Benefits, claims procedure, documentation and submissions of COVID-19 claims


Module 14: Right to refuse work, communication and training

  • Refusal to work due to exposure to COVID

  • Informing employees of COVID 19 related information

  • Providing training and information to management and employees

  • COVID related recourses


Module 15: Role of health and safety representatives and committees

  • Important role of health and safety representatives and committees in the management of COVID-19


Module 16: Recording and investigation of COVID-19 related cases

  • Record keeping requirements

  • Prescribed investigation for COVID-19 incidents


Module 17: Monitoring and enforcing directions

  • Notices, fines and penalties


Purpose of the course:

  • Due to the second wave of Covid related infections in South Africa, the infection rate is rising higher than before. One of the critical challenges for employers and businesses will be to effectively manage the risk in order to ensure business continuity.

  • This is a comprehensive course, compiled to assist employers and COVID-19 compliance officers in this regard. It provides attendees with critical information in order to manage COVID-19 effectively within the work environment. It will contribute towards providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment thus ensuring workplace compliance with statutory requirements.


 The programme will be useful for:

  • COVID-19 compliance officers,

  • Health and safety practitioners,

  • The CEO/ Managing Director,

  • Directors - Section 16(2) appointees,

  • Compliance officers and security officers,

  • Human resource managers,

  • Managers and supervisors,

  • Health and safety representatives and committee members,

  • Union representatives,

  • Anyone interested in being COVID-19 compliant



  • R 2290 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates


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