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A course for senior management



9 March 2005: Holiday Inn: JHB International Airport


Proposed Outline 


The OHS Act:

  • Basic introduction to the OHS Act;
  • Structure of the Act;
  • Objectives and aims of the Act;
  • Definitions and legal interpretation;
  • Legal and general duties in terms of the Act;
  • The role of the employer, the  employee, the chief executive officer and the self employed person;
  • Third party agreements and the Act;
  • Establishing an effective health and safety management system;
  • Setting up a pro-active health and safety structure;
  • General prohibitions;
  • Legal accountability;
  • Offences and penalties;
  • Incorporating health and safety standards;
  • The Act binds the State;
  • The OHS Act made user friendly;
  • Developing a safety strategy and culture;
  • How top management should manage health and safety successfully and effectively;
  • The way ahead.


The CEO, Top management, Senior management, Managers and Engineers, Sec 16(2) Appointees, SHE Co-ordinators




The aim of the seminar is to provide top and senior management with insight regarding their important role and responsibilities as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Management will gain hands-on knowledge of their role, duties, functions, rights and powers forced down by legislation to manage Occupational Health and Safety effectively and successfully.

The course is so designed that participants will improve their competence in terms of Occupational Health and Safety management at the workplace. After completion delegates will be familiar with the responsibilities of the relevant parties, the role of top and senior management, the employer, the section 16(2), the GMR 2(1), GMR 2(7) and employees.



  • R 890-00 per delegate (incl. Vat)
  • The above fees include expert tuition and all course material
  • Fees include: Coffee on arrival, mid morning tea/coffee & pastries, lunch as well as afternoon pastries /tea/ coffee

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