Employment Equity Reporting

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We now come to the form EEA 4 which consists of two pages. In section A on the first page your required to insert your employer details, and the information called for is selfish vanity. Section B requires information regarding the income of the different occupational categories.


It should be noted that there is no requirement for individual salaries to be disclosed, but only the highest and lowest salary bracket for each occupational category.  For example, for the legislators, senior officials and managers the figure to be inserted under 1 would-be the gross earnings of the highest-paid person in that occupational category and the figure to be inserted on line 2 would be the gross earnings of the lowest paid person in that occupational category.


You would probably enlisted the services of your salaries department in obtaining this information because obviously it is confidential. On page two of form EEA 4, income differentials are again required but this time by occupational level.


The same principle applies, with line one reflecting the gross salary of the highest-paid member of top management and line to reflecting the gross salary of the lowest paid member, and so on for each occupational level. Very now completed the exercise of inserting all required information in the report forms, it only remains for you now to check the information which you have inserted to ensure accuracy and to ensure that no important detail has been inadvertently omitted.


Prior to sending in the forms to the Department of Labour, it would be a good idea if the Employment Equity Committee could meet and together go over the information in the forms to identify any areas which need attention in terms of the implementation of your Employment Equity plan, or any areas that need attention in terms of your numerical goals.


This is also a good time to compile a report detailing progress made in terms of your Employment Equity plan, and this progress report can be circulated to employees to keep them informed of progress and to assure them that this progress is constantly monitored by the employment Equity committee.

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