Click here to download the new code of conduct on Employment Equity

Click here to download the new code of conduct on Employment Equity 

Code of Good Practice on the Integration of Employment Equity into Human Resource Policies and Practices.


The above Code of Good Practice was gazetted on 4th August 2005 in Government Gazette 27866.

A full copy has been placed on our website. (Click on the link on the bottom of this page)

This is an extremely important document. It is some 40 pages in length, and applies to almost all employers except those who are exempt from the provisions of the Employment Equity Act.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be examining the content of this document in detail.


As a starting point, a brief summary of the contents reflects that matters addressed are Implementing E.E. ; Commencing Employment ; Job Descriptions ; Job Analysis ; Recruitment & Selection ; Induction procedures ; Probation matters ; Impacts on Employment Equity ; Harassment ; Discipline, Grievances and disputes ; Terminating Employment ; Exit Interviews ; Interviewing and short-listing job applicants ; Medical, Psychological and similar assessments ; Terms and Conditions of Employment ; Remuneration – equal pay for equal work or for work of equal value ; Advertising job vacancies ; Performance management ; Skills development ; Promotions and transfers ; and so the list grows.

Based only on those topics mentioned above, employers will realize that this is not a document to be ignored or treated lightly.

This is serious stuff!!


The Code clearly sets out how employers should integrate the Employment Equity requirements into its human resources policies and procedures.

It is very comprehensive in its coverage, and on a number of things extremely specific.

A further amendment is the amended Code of Good Practice on Sexual Harassment, which we will also be examining in detail and will cover in a series of weekly article.

This amended Code was also published in the above gazette.

Coverage includes The Test for Sexual Harassment ; Factors to establish sexual harassment ; Guiding Principles ; Sexual Harassment Policies ; Procedures ; and Disciplinary Sanctions.

More next week – Interesting times ahead !!


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Click here to download the new code of conduct on Employment Equity 

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