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A the grievance procedure is probably the most simple of all procedures. It must be noted that the grievance procedure may not be used to address unfair labour practices, salary or wage issues, demands for other benefits, or as an appeal mechanism following a disciplinary hearing. The grievance procedure is the vehicle used by an employee when he has a grievance or complaint relating to his working conditions.

This may be that his supervisor is continually picking on him, or his workstation may be situated in a draughty area which gives him a health problem, or perhaps there is some conflict between the employee and the fellow worker, and so on.

Whatever the case the employee should first bring his grievance to the notice of his supervisor, who must address the matter and try to solve it. If the supervisor cannot solve the problem than the supervisor must bring it to the attention of his line manager, who in turn must try to solve the problem by interviewing the employee and the supervisor together, to discuss the issue and see if some agreement or solution can be reached..

If the line manager cannot solve the problem, and any must referred to the HR department or to a director, who must attempt to resolve the issue. Should the issue not be resolved then the employee has the right to refer his grievance to the CCMA for assistance.


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