Discipline and Dismissal



Discipline is a confidential matter, therefor

  • Hearings are held in camera, and

  • Only those persons permitted in terms of the disciplinary procedure may be present


Laying the charge

During the3 hearing, the employee is confronted with the relevant facts by

  • Laying the charge(s)

  • Calling of witnesses and

  • Submission of any relevant documents

The employee and his representative is given the opportunity to study any documents and cross-examine witnesses


Presenting the defense

The employee and his representative must be given the opportunity to

  • Submit evidence
  • Submit relevant documentation, and
  • Call witnesses


Returning a verdict of guilty

If the employee is found guilty as charged, the chairperson of the hearing must

Advance reasons for finding the employee guilty as charged;

  • Give the employee/ representative opportunity to present mitigating circumstances;

  • Decide on applicable disciplinary action to be taken against the employee;

  • Furnish reasons for deciding on the disciplinary action; and

  • Give the employer/ representative opportunity to address him on the applicable disciplinary action

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