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Click on the following link to open Sectoral Determination 6: Everything you need to know about the Private Security Sector including, contracts of employment, minimum wages, leave, overtime, hours of work, payslips etc.


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Provided by the Department of Labour




 No R. 1250: Basic Conditions of Employment Act: Sectoral Determination 6: Private Security Sector

 Membathisi Mphumzi Shepherd Mdladlana, Minister of Labour, in terms of section 51(1) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No. 75 of 1997 make a Sectoral Determination establishing conditions of employment for employees in the Private Security Sector, South Africa, which appears in the schedule hereto and fix the second Monday after the date of publication of this notice as the date from which the provisions of the said Sectoral Determination shall be binding.




1. Area and scope of application

2. Definitions

3. Remuneration

4. Payment of remuneration

5. Ordinary hours of work, overtime and payment for overtime

6. Annual bonus

7. Public holidays

8. Sunday work

9. Annual leave

10. Sick leave

11. Family responsibility leave

12. Maternity leave

13. Written particulars of employment

14. Keeping of records

15. Presumption as to who is an employee

16. Weapons, uniforms, overalls and protective clothing

17. Prohibition of employment of children

18. Prohibition of forced labour

19. Termination of employment

20. Severance pay

21. Certificate of service

22. Attendance register

23. Variation by Minister


Annexure A – Certificate of Service

Annexure B – Attendance Register

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