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Employment Equity Committee Training

(Interactive Full Day Workshop)


Including the Employment Equity Amendment Bill, 2020 published on 20 July 2020


Each delegate will receive an electronic book before the training course 

In addition we will courier a printed version of the book together with a certificate of attendance



27 October 2021 (09:00 - 16:00) Interactive Online Course



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Presenter: Nicolene Erasmus 


Module 1: Overview of the Employment Equity Act      

  • Understanding the Employment Equity Act

  • Definitions, purpose, interpretation and application of the Employment Equity Act 5

    • Definitions

      • Regulations

      • The Employment Equity Act

    • Purpose

    • Interpretation

    • Application


Module 2: Understanding discrimination    

  • The prohibition of unfair discrimination

    • Liability of employers

    • Burden of proof

  • Differentiation / discrimination

  • Unfair / fair discrimination

  • Direct and indirect discrimination

  • Discrimination “based on” one or more prohibited grounds

  • Grounds of discrimination

    • Race

    • Pregnancy, marital status and family responsibility

    • Age

    • Disability

    • Sexual orientation, sex and gender

    • Ethnic or social origin and birth

    • Religion, belief, culture and conscience

    • Language and colour

    • HIV status

    • Arbitrary grounds

    • Harassment

  • Jurisdiction of the CCMA

  • Employment applicants, job analysis and inherent requirements of the job

    • Employment applicants

    • Job analysis

    • Inherent requirements of the job

  • Discrimination in employment policies and practices

    • Recruitment procedures

      • Internal recruitment

      • External recruitment

    • Advertising positions

    • Job classification and grading

    • Selection criteria and appointments

      • General

      • Educational requirements and experience

    • Remuneration and benefits: equal pay for work of equal value 

    • Terms and conditions of employment

    • Work environment and facilities

    • Training and development

    • Performance and evaluation

    • Disciplinary measures

  • Medical testing

    • HIV testing

    • Voluntary/anonymous testing

    • Drug and alcohol testing

  • Psychometric testing


Module 3: Employment Equity and Affirmative Action

  • Understanding affirmative action

  • The equality test: section 9(2) of the Constitution

    • Who must benefit from affirmative action?

      • Which persons or groups?

      • Must one show actual disadvantage, or is membership of the affected class sufficient to be able to benefit?

      • Can the measure legitimately differentiate between persons within the disadvantaged groups?

    • The duties of designated employers and voluntary compliance

    • The requirements of disclosure of information

    • Employment Equity Plans: duty to inform and the requirements for keeping records        


Module 4: The Employment Equity Committee:  roles and functions    

  • Consultation

  • Qualitative analysis: identification of EE Barriers

  • Quantitative analysis: snapshot of the workforce profile

  • Benchmarking best practices

  • Monitoring

  • Frequency and content of committee meetings


Module 5: The Employment Equity Amendment Bill    


Module 6: Analysis   


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Employment Equity Managers, HR Managers/ Practitioners

  • Members of Employment Equity Committees, Workplace Forums, any person involved in the compilation of Employment Equity plans for the business



  • R 2290-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price includes course material and certificates.


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Online booking form


Click here to download registration forms for 27 October 2021 (09:00 - 16:00) Interactive Online Course













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