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Policies and Procedures

How to draft rules, regulations, policies and procedures

Full Day Workshop



26 July 2018: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre


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 Module 1: Introduction

  • How to amend contracts: Guidelines
  • Avoid unilateral changes
  • The importance of rules and regulations
  • How to draft company policies and procedures

Module 2: Electronic Communications and Information security

  • Draft an internet and e mail abuse policy
  • Electronic communications policies
  • Employee privacy
  • Personal computer, notebook
  • General Communications
  • Company and private cell phones
  • Private calls 

Module 3: Internal communication, rules and remedies

  • Grievance Procedure
  • Grievance Forms
  • Code of Conduct
  • Dress Codes

Module 4: Workplace Discipline and Dismissal

  • Draft disciplinary code and procedures
  • Different types of misconduct
  • Warnings: Verbal, written and final written warning
  • Suspensions
  • Notice of disciplinary hearing
  • Disciplinary Hearing Procedure

Module 5: Poor Performance/ Incapacity

  • Processes
  • Assessment documents
  • Performance assessment and evaluation

Module 6: Contracts of Employment

  • Requirements of a contract of employment
  • Different types of employment
  • Renewal of fixed term contracts of employment

Module 7: HIV/ Aids and Employment

  • Write Workplace HIV/Aids policy and procedures
  • HIV Testing Confidentiality and Disclosure

Module 8: Recruitment Policy

  • How to draft a recruitment policy
  • Internal recruitment, external recruitment; selection
  • Selection criteria, recruitment method, advertisements
  • Short-Listed selection, interviews, reference checks
  • Job offers, feedback to unsuccessful applicants

Module 9: Employment Equity

  • Employment Equity policy

Module 10: Sexual Harassment

  • Draft a sexual harassment policy

Module 11: Tuberculosis (T.B.)

  • Compile a TB in the workplace policy

Module 12: General Policies and Procedures

  • Probation periods
  • Attendance and absenteeism policies
  • Drunkenness & Intoxication
  • Smoking


  • The primary objective of this workshop is to assist companies and individuals with the compilation of rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  
  • Delegates will receive the opportunity to discuss their existing policies and procedures and be guided on how to make necessary amendments (If necessary).

 Course Outcome

  • After the completion of the workshop participants will have a clear understanding on how to compile different policies and procedures.
  • Participant will be able to identify loopholes in existing policies and procedures and have an understanding on how to amend the identified areas.  

 Who should attend?

  • Managers or individuals responsible for drafting new polices and procedures
  • Individuals responsible for the amendment of existing policies and procedures.
  • Human Resource managers, line managers and trade union representatives


  • R 2890-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate
  • Price include course material, CD with draft policies and examples of the different procedures, certificates, legislation
  • Catering/ refreshments (including lunch) 

 For further information contact:

  • Hanlie or Peraldo (012) 661 3208

  • Fax: (012) 661 1411

  • mail



Click here to download registration forms for 26 July 2018: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre



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