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 27 July 2018: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre



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Table of contents 


Module 1.         Introduction


Module 2.         Operational requirements defined


Module 3.         Three grounds on which a termination of employment might be legitimate


Module 4.         Section 189: Dismissals for operational requirements of the Labour Relations Act

  • Voluntary retrenchment

  • Who must the employer consult with (section 189{1})

  • The purpose of consultation

  • Duration and consensus seeking process

  • Written notice inviting the other party to consult and disclose all relevant information

  • Alternatives to a dismissal to be raised by affected employees

  • Duration of consultations


Module 5.         Substantive and procedural fairness


Module 6.         Representations by affected employees and/or their representatives


Module 7.         Selection criteria


Module 8.         Severance pay and other payments


Module 9.         Large scale retrenchments in terms of section 189A

  • The appointment of a facilitator

  • Time frame in which a facilitator must perform his/her duties

  • If parties decide not to make use of a facilitator


Module 10.       Notice of the commencement of a strike

  • When may a consulting party not give notice of a strike or refer a dispute to the Labour Court?


Module 11.       The Labour Court

  • Application in terms of section 189 A (13) – Fair procedure

  • Adjudication of a dispute about procedural fairness

  • The employee may refer the dispute to the Labour Court for adjudication s191(5)(b)(ii)


Module 12.       Notable judgements by the South African Labour Courts


Who should attend?

Senior Management, HR Managers, Line Managers, Union representatives.


Course outcome

  • After completion of the workshop participants should have a clear understanding on how to deal with retrenchments;

  • The workshop will enable delegates to understand the process as well as the reasons for the retrenchments;

  • The workshop will guide delegates on how to deal with the difficult and unpleasant retrenchment procedure;

  • Delegates should have an understanding with regards to the reasons for the dismissals, consensus-seeking process, alternatives raised by the affected employees, the written notice and possible alternative employment.



  • R 2890-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price includes course material, certificates of attendance, & catering/ refreshments  

  • Safe and secure parking

  • Complimentary transport to and from the Airport (Gauteng)


For further information, contact:

  • Hanlie or Peraldo  (012) 661 3208

  • Email or  



Online booking form


  Click here to download registration forms for  27 July 2018: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre



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