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Shop Steward Training 


(Full Day Workshop) 



28 August 2019: Emperors Palace Convention Centre



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Table of contents 


Module 1: The role of the shop steward

  • Functions and duties of shop stewards

  • Roles and responsibilities 


Module 2: Rights of employers and employees

  • Employee rights

  • Employer rights 


Module 3: Overview of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 


3.1        Regulation of Working Time

  • Hours of Work and Overtime

  • Lunch and coffee breaks

  • Sunday Work; Night Work

  • Public Holidays 


3.2        Leave

  • Annual Leave

  • Sick Leave

  • Proof of Incapacity

  • Maternity Leave

  • Family Responsibility leave)

  • Absenteeism 


3.3        Termination of Employment

  • Notice of termination

  • Payment instead of Notice

  • Payments on Termination

  • Certificate of Service 


Module 4: Overview of the Labour Relations Act 


4.1       Collective Bargaining

  • Trade Union Representatives

  • Trade Union access to the Workplace

  • Deduction of trade union subscriptions or levies

  • Leave for Trade union activities

  • Disclosure of Information

  • Organisational rights I collective agreements

  • Disputes about organisational rights 


4.2       Collective Agreements

  • Legal effect of collective agreement

  • Disputes about collective agreements

  • Agency Shop Agreements

  • Closed shop agreements 


4.3     The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and Bargaining Councils 


4.4        Schedule 8: the Code of Good Practice on dismissal              

  • Introduction

  • Fair reasons for dismissal

  • Automatic unfair dismissals

  • Standard of conduct

  • Progressive discipline

  • Dismissals for misconduct

  • Fair procedure

  • Disciplinary records

  • Dismissals and industrial action

  • Probation 


Module 5: Grievance procedures

  • Interests of employees and the employer

  • Exclusions from grievance procedure

  • Evolving industrial relations

  • Time limits

  • Assistance of grievance procedures

  • Resolution of a grievance

  • Additional evidence and information

  • Further remedies

  • Recordings and minutes 


Module 6: Workplace discipline

  • Disciplinary code and procedures


Module 7: Disciplinary sanctions

  • Verbal warnings, Written warnings, Final written warnings, Suspension without pay 


Module 8: How to assist members/ fellow employees-


8.1       Disciplinary Hearings


8.2       Poor Performance (Incapacity) 


8.3       Operational Requirements (Retrenchments) 


Module 9: Unfair labour practice


Who should attend?

  • Union officials, shop stewards, employment relations managers/ practitioners, general managers, line managers, HR Managers, individuals that assist fellow employees in the workplace in general including in disciplinary hearings. 


Course outcome

  • After completion, participants should be able understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of shop stewards.

  • Delegates will be able to understand the disciplinary procedures, including how to identify and categorise transgressions, implement appropriate procedures and represent the company or an employee at a disciplinary hearing.

  • Delegates will be more equipped to assist and advise fellow employees and managers. 



  • R 3190-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates of attendance, legislation and catering/ refreshments 

  • Safe and secure parking


For further information contact:

  • Hanlie or Peraldo at (012) 661 3208

  • or  



Online Booking Form


  Click here to download registration forms for 28 August 2019: Emperors Palace Convention Centre








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