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No link between Lily mine collapse and suicide - Employer

News24 Correspondent


There was no link between the suicide of a Lily Mine safety officer and the collapse at the mine that trapped three workers underground, his employer said on Wednesday.


"I am so disappointed that they saw a link where there really is nothing," human resources manager at Amereni Mining, Wessel Victor, said.


He was disappointed that certain media houses created a link between the cave-in at the mine on 5 February and their employee Nico Cronjé's suicide.


Cronje, 62, committed suicide on Monday morning.


"Cronje’s suicide is a big blow for us and he will be missed," said Victor.


He said their employees worked at various Vantage Goldfield mines, including the Lily Mine.


Human resources manager at Vantage Goldfields, Corrie Hullett, said they had contracted Cronje as a shift boss. He was also responsible for safety, hence he was Lily Mine’s safety officer.


Hullett extended the companý's condolences to Cronje’s family and Amereni Mining.


Tonga police spokesperson Lieutenant Mzwandile Nyambi said they did not know the motive for his suicide.


According to a Vantage Goldfields source who asked not to be named for fear of victimisation, Cronje got dressed on Monday morning as if he was going to work, got into his car, and shot himself.


He lived on a farm between Kaapmuiden and Barberton, near the mine.


Article published with the kind courtesy of www.news24.com



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