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by Lloyd Ramutloa — last modified 2011-02-01 12:35

31 January 2011

The Department of Labour has taken the gloves off by strengthening and sharpening the powers of Inspectors in enforcing the law. This was said in Turfontein Johannesburg today (Monday) during Public Consultation on the proposed amendments to labour Law. Thembinkosi Mkalipi, Chief Director for Labour Market Policy, told about 700 stakeholders from Business, Labour & Government that time has come for Inspectors to be given more power to enforce the Law.

“Inspectors no longer require to secure an undertaking from an employer that a contract will be honoured. Why should they require an undertaking when you have made an agreement that you will fulfil your side of the bargain?” Mkalipi said. 

He said the Department proposed to give Inspectors more discretionary powers in enforcing the Law. Mkalipi said Inspectors should have the right to be accompanied by an Interpreter or members of the South African Police Services in visiting problematic workplaces. He said there would even be tougher penalties for any violation of the Law. Turning to child Labour, Mkalipi said the employment of children under 15 years would be prohibited.

“No person may require a child to work or perform services that are inappropriate or for a person of that age or place at risk the child’s well-being, education, physical or mental health or social development” he said. “We are making these proposed changes to comply with our obligations to the International LabourOrganisations,” Mkalipi said. The roadshow, which started in Cape Town on January 18th, will see the Department visiting North West tomorrow and completing its hectic programme in Kimberly, Northen Cape on Thursday.

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