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Department of Labour and CEE engages Construction Sector on employment equity (EE) imperatives


The Department of Labour and the Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) will tomorrow (11 August) meet with the Construction Sector bosses to engage on issues of employment equity in the sector.


The engagement is part of a series held by the department following the launch of the 16th CEE Annual Report in which Labour Minister, Mildred Oliphant promised that the Commission for Employment Equity will embark on engagements with business leaders of the various sectors following a lack of transformation of workplaces in which Africans are still confined to the lower rungs compared to Whites who are dominating the top ladder.


The Construction Sector engagement with the Department of Labour and CEE will be held at Saint Georges Hotel in Irene, Gauteng. It will start at 09:00am.


The aim of the sectoral engagements is to consult business leaders or their representatives (managers, human resource officers, and EE officers among others) on employment equity issues. The CEE is interested in establishing challenges that employers face in employment equity implementation and help devise strategies so as to overcome them.


The Commission for Employment Equity is a statutory body established in terms of section 28 of the Employment Equity Act. Its role is to advise Labour Minister on any matter concerning the Act, including policy and matters pertaining to the implementation of the EE Act.


The on-going series of dialogues started on 23 June 2016 with the Retail & Motor sector. More EE engagements have since been held with the Retail and Motor Sector; Manufacturing Sector; Finance Sector; Catering & Accommodation.


More engagements are planned to be held with Transport Sector; Educational Institutions, National Skills Authority, & Department of Higher Education; Mining & Quarrying; Wholesale; and Local Government.


All engagements will include Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) and trade unions operating in that sector.


Media is invited to the engagement sessions.



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