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Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Course

(HIRA – OHS Act & Mine Health and Safety Act)

(Full Day Workshop)

 (Including proposed amendments to risk assessment as per proposed Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill)




17 August 2017: Protea Hotel By Marriott Tyger Valley: Cape Town


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1. Purpose of the Course

Risk assessment is essential to any organisation or business, it is a legal requirement stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the Mine Health and Safety Act.


Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) promotes a pro-active approach towards effective Health and Safety management, serving as a valuable tool to the organisation in order to elevate the standard(s) of safety, meeting legal compliance and protecting persons from the hazards that they may potentially be exposed to.


2. Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Important definitions and terminology


Module 3: Legal requirements (OHS Act and MHS Act) 


Module 4: Different types of risk assessments

  • Baseline Risk Assessment

  • Issue Based Risk Assessments

  • Continuous Risk Assessment


Module 5: Criteria for risk assessment


Module 6: Hazards and risks likely to be encountered


Module 7: Legal risk exposures


Module 8: Influence of codes and standards


Module 9: Different hazard identification techniques


Module 10: The risk assessment process


Module 11: Practical risk assessment tools


Module 12: Conduct a risk assessment using the HIRA methodology


Module 13: Reporting and recording


Module 14: Identify applicable control measures


Module 15: Evaluation, review and revision


3. Course Outcomes

On completion of the course the delegates will have knowledge and understanding of the scope and impact of the risk assessment process, including the legal requirement imposed upon the employer for the completion of suitable and sufficient risk assessments.


Delegates will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to be able to identify and assess work related hazards and participate in baseline and continuous HIRA activities. Learners will be empowered to identify and assess work related hazards and risks in order to identify, implement and evaluate effective methods of control into the situation.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the specified requirements needed to conduct a base-line risk assessment

  • Prepare to conduct a baseline risk assessment

  • Conduct a baseline risk assessment

  • Initiate remedial action for hazards identified and risks assessed


4. Who should attend?

  • Management and supervisors

  • Health and safety representatives and OHS committee members

  • SHE practitioners/ officers

  • Contractors

  • Subject experts

  • Safety, health and environmental personnel such as risk managers, loss control officers, facility managers

  • Any person who is expected to carry out formal hazard identification and risk assessments


5. Unit Standard

Aligned to Unit Standard: 244287
Title of US: Conduct a baseline risk assessment and take appropriate action



  • R 2190-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates, legislation and catering/ refreshments 

  • Safe and secure parking


For further information contact:

  • Deidre on (012) 666 8284

  • Fax:  (086) 547 2636 or (012) 661 1411

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Tinus Boshoff 083 659 2840


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